Our Top Tips For The Season

We are offering our favourite top tips for this time of year. It’s one way to reduce your waistline after a period when it is traditional to be over-indulgent.

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Recipe: Homemade damson vodka


Homemade damson vodka

Looking just as rich and luscious as it tastes, your
damson vodka could be ready for Christmas

2013 has been a bumper year for damsons.

A hot summer, with just enough rain to swell the fruit has resulted in branches that are groaning under the pressure of all the fruit.

And while you can of course make damson jam, damson cheese, damson chutney and damson sauce, there is nothing quite like damson vodka.

Decanted into decorative bottles this rich, syrupy liquor makes a perfect Christmas gift – and if you hurry, you might just be in time for this year’s festivities. Give this a go, and we’re sure that your friends and family will be glad you did!

If you already have your damson harvest, great – if not, hopefully you will find some still on the trees. Failing that, try your local orchard or farm shop! So grab a bag and get picking.
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Recipe: Chicken sauté Normande


Instant hedging with container grown plants

As its name suggests, Chicken sauté Normande
brings more than a little Gallic kitchen flair!

As the sun wanes and the days get shorter, this dish is guaranteed to keep those summer days fresh in your mind (and on your tongue!).

And we love it even more because it uses three apple ingredients:

Bon appetit!
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Quick and quirky ways to use fresh fruit


Chicken, strawberry and avocado salad

Chicken, strawberry and avocado salad

Fruits are not just for desserts.

In the pursuit of new and interesting tastes we love pairing fresh fruit with savoury dishes too. The slight tang in many soft fruits works especially well with rich meats – think of apple sauce with pork, or cranberry sauce with turkey.

But incorporating fresh fruit into the dish itself is a logical extension of this, creating an effect which is subtler and even more delicious!

Read on for a few of the fruity, savoury partnerships that we really enjoy putting together…
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Lavender recipes from Andy Hamilton


Booze For Free by Andy Hamilton

The award-winning Booze For Free,
by Andy Hamilton

Yes, lavender is pretty. And yes, lavender smells nice. But did you know it makes a cracking pint too?

Bristol-based author Andy Hamilton included two lavender recipes in his award-winning book, Booze for Free.

With a catchy title like that, and with lavender as an ingredient, we could hardly ignore it…

Thank you to both Andy and his publisher Transworld for allowing us to reproduce these wonderful recipes.

You can find out more about Andy, buy his books and more by visiting:


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