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Monthly Archives: September 2008

  • Crabapple (& Rowan) Jelly

    You can always tell when a crab apple is ripe. Pick one and bite it. If you scream it is not. But if your face just wrinkles up as if you were sucking a lemon, then it is probably about right.... Crabapple trees produce some of the bitterest fruit around...
  • Beware the Ides of September... Trees & Storm Damage

    I had this all ready written about 2 months ago (because it was going to be topical now) and then forgot it. Hopefully the warning will go unneeded (as opposed to unheeded). The Autumn equinox passed almost unnoticed (apart from it being the nicest day of the "summer" so far...
  • Lighting Trees

    Uplighting is the most commonly used garden lighting technique, for shrub borders and large trees especially. By uplighting trees, one exploits a unique opportunity to add vertical emphasis and drama in a garden lighting scheme. Trees with an open habit allow light to fully display the branch structure, while the...
  • Top Tips for Tree Planting

    The tree planting season is nearly upon us, so it is time to brush up your tree planting technique. By the way, most of this applies to shrubs, hedging, roses and fruit trees as well. 1. When your plants arrive, trim roots and stems that are damaged. Clean cuts lessen...
  • Chestnuts Come Early... Unfortunately

    You may be aware that our conker trees (Aesculus hippocastanum and its varieties) are under threat. The horse chestnut leaf miner grub eats the tissue between the outer layers of the leaves, reducing their ability to breathe and ultimately causing them to fall off. At the same time Horse Chestnut...

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