Monthly Archives: February 2010

  • Softwood Cutting Season and Willow Twig Brew

    Spring is easing into a ready to be sprung position and the propagators among you will be looking forward to getting those cuttings that you were eyeing up last year off their parent plant and into your garden (having asked their rightful owner first, of course...). A list of plants...
  • Prune Your Autumn Raspberry canes!

    Eeek! Here we are trying to come across all professional and wise and we plain forgot to mention autumn fruiting raspberry canes in our February newsletter. So, the point was: if you have autumn fruiting raspberry canes, February is the last chance you will have to prune them right down to...
  • Allotment Societies

    Allotments are very special places and we want to see them grow, gain support and hopefully spread. If you have an allotment related site of your own, drop us a line and we'll check it out. If we think it's spiffing, we'll list it here (NB just like a good...

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