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Monthly Archives: September 2013

  • RSPB picks Ashridge Nurseries to create a Nature Friendly Collection for its 'Giving Nature A Home' campaign

    RSPB - Giving Nature a Home

    'Giving Nature a Home' is the RSPB's
    largest ever campaign

    The Royal Society For the Protection of Birds (RSPB) has selected leading online plant retailer, Ashridge Nurseries, to launch a new Nature Friendly Collection of native British plants. This is to help support the charity's largest campaign in its history; Giving Nature A Home.

    Ashridge Nurseries has also pledged to donate 15% of its sales from the Nature Friendly Collection to the charity to support the campaign.
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  • Autumn blaze part one: Trees


    Japanese Maple

    Trees like the 'Japanese Maple Acer palmatum'
    bring warmth and colour to autumn

    After a fine summer of hot sunny days and balmy nights, it is that time of year again.

    As the nights draw in it is easy to become downhearted at the thought of the winter to come. But as the weather cools a miraculous transformation is beginning. Deciduous trees and shrubs are slowly making their preparations for dormancy by stopping the flow of fluids into their leaves.

    This means that the green chlorophyll that usually masks out any other pigments present is diminished. The result is the phenomenon known as autumn colour.

    A brisk walk on a chilly sunny day as the sun shines low in the sky while the countryside around you blazes with golds and reds is a breathtaking experience, and completely lifts any gloom at the passing summer.

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    Help us reinstate the British landscape as it was in Constable's day. From this week Ashridge Nurseries (which is launching a campaign to Give an Elm a Home) is selling the first elm tree available in the UK that is truly resistant to Dutch Elm disease.

    Morfeo elm trees have been tested since 1994 and are available in the UK exclusively from us in extremely limited numbers this year. You can be one of the first 250 people to plant an elm that will help put the countryside back the way it was. Growing at about 1 metre a year, these trees will quickly make an impact. For those of us who remember the countryside before Dutch Elm disease struck, it will be a very welcome change.

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