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  • A few garden jobs for April

    April Jobs

    April is such an exciting month in the garden; colour has returned with all the glorious spring bulbs, seeds are sprouting, and that bright flush of lime green new growth lights up the trees and hedgerows.

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  • Make a home for nature

    As gardeners, one of our main aims, along with creating a space that looks lovely, should be sustaining the wildlife we have. And using the space you have available to you to make a home for nature is a great way of achieving this. Whether your plot is big or small, there are countless ways to get involved, from planting bird-friendly hedging, to building a home for hedgehogs.

    Steven from the Yorkshire Dales decided to do just this - build a home for nature. When we saw his tweet, showing us his newly planted 90 metre Bird Friendly Hedge, we couldn't resist asking him a couple of questions:

    Freshly planted bird friendly hedge mix with canes and spirals Freshly planted bird friendly hedge mix with canes and spirals

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  • Bee Watch - April

    Tree Bumblebee

    Tree Bumblebee - image from

    Bees are great for our gardens - and mostly, whether solitary or communal, work best on their own. But what happens when we decide to or are required to intervene?

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  • Winter and Spring Photo Competition

    Our next photo competition is open for entries!

    The 'Wettest Winter on Record' is what they've been saying. And don't we know it.

    Even as we step into Spring, some of us are still dealing with the after-effects of all that flooding. And all of us are decidedly bored by the thought of yet another rainy day.

    With this in mind, our latest photo competition aims to capture the endless rains that have graced the last three months – the theme this time is:

    "Plants and Trees in Water"
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  • Setting Fire To The Rain - Salix alba ‘Chermesina’

    Salix alba ‘Chermesina’
    There is one genus that has been thriving throughout this wet weather. Three months of torrential downpours and grey skies reminds us why no gardener should overlook the Willow genus. Let us not long for spring but instead linger in this damp moment a while. Whether your garden is big or small, it is time to make sure that when you look out of your window next January, there is a fire amongst the rain.
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  • A Landscape in Bloom - Cherry Blossom in Japan

    February Jobs

    The blossom on the cherry trees is one of the true delights of spring. In April and May clouds of beautiful delicate flowers ranging from the purest white to the most intense coral pinks adorn the trees in vast numbers, a truly magical and breathtaking sight.

    Their beauty has much cultural significance the world over, but is perhaps most commonly associated with the rich cultural heritage of Japan.
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  • Cornus sanguinea Midwinter Fire

    Midwinter Fire

    Dogwoods, members of the Cornus family, are often the unsung heroes of the winter garden. Although there are exceptions, in summer they tend to be unremarkable. This is because they are covered in foliage when daylight hours are longer and their crowning glory is their bark which can only be seen when the leaves have fallen.

    In winter however shrubby dogwoods dress themselves in shades of gold, bright green, dark purple, scarlet and orange. In a large garden, a border can be devoted to a mixed dogwood planting. They look good when underplanted with spring flowering bulbs and they live very happily together with some subjects such as Hostas.
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  • Bee Watch - March

    Honeybee on Blackthorn - (©

    March is here, and it's great to put an end to the 'wettest winter' on record and look forward to the spring ahead. But what sort of damage has the weather done to our Bee population?

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