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  • Draw to win a FREE Christmas Tree

    We recently ran a prize draw to win a free Christmas tree. The winner was Ruth Harries from Pontwelly in Wales, and we'll be delivering her Christmas tree in December. We wanted to offer the thousands of people that entered the chance to win another Christmas tree, here's how: All...
  • A Quick Guide to Redesigning your Garden

    At this time of year, when the leaves are falling and I’m starting to see the boney silhouettes of the trees in my garden, I admit to feeling a little sad – both at the loss of all that beautiful colour and the prospect of the long, rather drab months...
  • Best for birds

    In my mini London garden, I don’t see enough birds. There’s the occasional robin that hangs around, picking through the spoils when I’m out digging or weeding, especially at this time of year. There’s also a pair of blue tits that made a nest in next door’s chusan palm last...

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