Monthly Archives: December 2019

  • I’m Dreaming of a Sustainable Christmas 

    Christmas is a time of celebration, family and good cheer, but it can also be consumerist, wasteful and exhausting. With shops, the internet and the media advocating the purchase of more and more presents, mounds of plastic and wrapping paper sent to landfill, and the risk of food waste piling...
  • Rose update

    Last year’s pre-Christmas plans to install a gorgeous climbing Bathsheba rose in a large pot against the back wall of our house didn’t go according to schedule. But no matter - bare-rooted roses are happy to be planted any time from late autumn to early spring, as long as the soil isn’t...
  • A Few Winter Projects

    The weather’s been pretty unkind these last few weeks – often freezing cold, frequently blustery and without exception WET. I’ve put off a load of little jobs out in the garden, and there are planting plans for perennials I’ve had to shelve until spring, as our London clay is just...

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