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  • Gardening Quiz

    How knowledgeable are you about gardening? Do you know your Acers from your Zephirine drouhin? Try our quiz and see how you get on and then share the results with your friends. It's just a bit of fun, here's the quiz Sign up to find out the answers. Ashridge Nurseries
  • Wisley Winter Walk

    Perhaps the best present I was given for Christmas was a year’s membership to the Royal Horticultural Society (RHS). So when the fat welcome pack arrived, shiny and full of promise, the front a gorgeous full-bleed photo of a gateway in a wall, bricks clothed in sugar-pink climbing roses and...
  • Competition prize to win a £50 voucher

    By entering our prize draw you could win a £50 voucher to be spent at Ashridge Nurseries. All you need to do is enter the draw when a pop-up appears on this page and we will notify the winner before Valentine's Day 2020. Competition Terms & Conditions Entrants must be...
  • How to Create Your Own Winter Garden

    As I filled up the bird feeders yesterday, I noticed the intense green of the dogwood stems contrasted against the fence, the first winter clematis flowers emerging and a trace of witch hazel scent on the breeze. Such tiny marvels dispel the winter gloom and remind us of the uplifting...

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