Five of the best Plants for a Garden in May

The quince tree (Cydonia oblonga)  has to be my favourite fruit blossom. It's not quite pink, single flowers are unusually large, five-petalled and are held proud from reflexed, pale green leaves. Stunning.

Laburnum trees live up to their common name of The Golden Chain Tree right now. Their extraordinary luminous yellow flowers just glow. Borrow from Rosemary Verey and grow Purple Sensation alliums beneath them. Laburnum waterii Vossii is THE variety to grow for pergolas and training - and it has the longest flowers.

Talking of long flowers, another spectacular plant which is hard to miss in May belongs to the Wisteria . Nothing can prepare you for these waterfalls of flowers - from white to mauve to deep purple - and they smell lovely too.

Unlike the racemes of wisteria and laburnum which pour gracefully downwards, the candelabra flowers of Horse chestnut trees  stand erect and tall. Their flowers look almost like elaborate wax sculptures. Choose from pink or white, but both are beautiful.

The most prolific clematis must be any of the Clematis montanas  which not only overwhelm you with the sheer number of their gorgeous, starry flowers but they are quite the simplest clematis to prune too - a judicious shearing once the flowers are over is what is required. In the meantime enjoy the clouds of flowers that envelop fences and walls as you drive past in May.

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