A bit of a November nudge

Governments are fond of using the word 'nudging' in the context of 'nudging' you to do the 'right thing'. In November, clearly the right thing is to persevere outside while the soil is still workable to prepare the ground for your new cutting garden and for your gooseberry plants, whether those are in the main or kitchen garden. Barrow loads of muck are required which will keep you fit and trim and then there is the serious thought to what could be improved by a few judicious stretches of bareroot hedging or a special new tree. Most urgently, this really is the final call for all those who wish to try to get their bulbs in the ground for spring. It has been so warm that you will probably get away with planting alliums, crocuses and daffodils still while now is the PERFECT time for tulip planting: do not delay and get your orders in and yourself out. And hurry – stocks are running low.

Allium Aflatunense Allium Aflatunense
Pickwick (Crocus vernus Pickwick) Pickwick (Crocus vernus Pickwick)










And our final 'nudge' is to refer you forthwith to all the other November gardening jobs just in case you thought you had done them all.

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