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A few garden jobs for February

February Jobs

Spring is just around the corner, and blooms are already starting to appear – daffodils and crocuses seem to be popping up all over the place. Where does the time go?

Plants are on the move, evenings are getting lighter – it feels like winter (and all that rain) might possibly be behind us, but let’s not tempt fate!

(Speaking of rain, don’t forget our next photo competition – the theme is ‘Trees and Plants in Water’ and there’s over £100 in vouchers to be had!)

Here are a few ideas for things to do around the garden over the next couple of weeks:

      • Prune any hardy evergreen trees and hedges before the birds start looking for nesting sites
      • Tree limbs damaged by the recent storms need pruning back with a clean cut during a dry spell of weather, and sealed with a wound paint
      • Make sure you wash trees to get rid of over-wintering insects and other nasties. This should be done and dusted by the time the buds break
      • There have been numerous reports of rabbit damage on trees and hedging, fruit being the most vulnerable. Interestingly, their preferences are for the red leaved ornamental malus first, before moving onto the green at a later date - they are fussy, selective eaters
      • The pruning season for Apples and Pears is drawing to a close, prepare for the sap to be rising and the start of the stone fruit pruning season
      • This is your last opportunity to graft your fruit trees – rootstocks are still available. Planting or potting for budding in late summer is an alternative method
      • Straighten all newly planted hedging ravaged by the wind which are now angled at 45 to 90 degrees - some may need replanting
      • Give your overall garden hygiene a check-up, cleaning pots and trays, sharpening and sterilising tools, clearing out old tubs, bottles and jars (we all have them!) and testing any electricals
      • Have you got your stocks of compost and planting accessories such as stakes, spirals, mulch mats and Rootgrow?

And of course, there's still time to plant new bareroot trees, hedging, fruit and roses! (Just saying, you know...?!)

One thought on “A few garden jobs for February”

  • Peggy

    Northampton not so flooded as other counties .Very early Spring . We are chatting potatoes ! Early daffodils before St. David's day .

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