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A few gardening jobs for mid-March


February gardening jobs

Has your garden got that feeling of pent-up energy,
ready to burst into action?

Winter projects are being completed, most planting has probably been done, and gardens across the land are slowly waking up.

Gardeners are rubbing their eyes too, not just at the lighter mornings, but also in disbelief at the moody swings our weather is bringing... again!

The theme for our April photo competition is ‘Spring wildlife' and there's over £100 in vouchers to be won.So, as you return to your garden, keep your camera handy for any animal activity – birds, mammals, insects, spiders, amphibians... they all count!

Here are a few ideas for things to do around the garden over the next couple of weeks:

  • There's a good few weeks left to plant bareroot hedging, ornamentals, fruit trees, soft fruit and roses, and the long Easter weekend at the end of March might be a good time to do so – but order soon!
  • Prune your roses. Bush roses, with thick upright stems, can be pruned down quite hard, but try to keep it to this year's growth. Clear out any dead or crossing stems to open up the structure to light and air. Shrub roses are happiest with a more delicate touch, just like a quick trim at the hairdresser! Climbing roses can be trimmed back by about 2/3 on new growth, or pruned right back if they're getting unruly.
  • Prune your winter colour shrubs. Varieties such as cornus, salix and raspberries can be taken right back, down to about 10" (25cm). We hope that you've enjoyed them!
  • Evergreen shrubs can be moved around if you really need them to. Prepare the new planting hole first, with fertiliser and improver if needed. Wait until we're clear of frost, then dig down and under the shrub to create a manageable rootball, being careful not to damage too many roots (some will inevitably be cut). Consider adding Rootgrow to the process to help re-establishment.
  • Weed out around beds, borders, trunks and the like – a necessary job! Lay down a mulch to limit weed regrowth. Also, think about digging in some fertiliser too – because British soil has had a proper good rinse over the last year!
  • Think about any plants that might need staking or supporting, ready for this year's new growth
  • Give your overall garden hygiene a check-up, cleaning pots and trays, sharpening and sterilising tools, clearing out old tubs, bottles and jars and testing any electricals
  • Check your stocks of compost and planting accessories such as canes, stakes, spirals and mulch mats

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There's still time to put bareroot plants in the ground, and we have a good stock of trees, hedging, fruit and roses ready to deliver to your door.

Happy planting!

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