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A fruity something for Father's Day

Father's Day

Sunday June 15th is Father's Day - a day which is meant for us to give thanks for our fathers/grandfathers/fathers-in-law etc. This year, why not give Dad something to truly make him smile.

And so we have put together a few garden-inspired ideas that we think would make a great present for even the fussiest of dads:

For the Family Man:

How about a Family Apple Tree?

These trees provide three different varieties on one tree, which means that you will have apples all season and your dad will think of you every time he picks one. This year, next year..... and the year after.

Father's Day

For the Cider Drinker:

Still on an apple theme but more alcoholic - why not get him a Cider Apple Tree. Summer is coming, and while it will be a bit small for his scrumpy now, a full grown tree produces plenty enough for him to be refreshed in summer and mulled in winter!

Choose which flavour you like and we will do the rest.

Father's Day

For the Wine Connoisseur:

Or maybe, as a connoisseur he might fancy his own Grape Vine?

Vitis Brandt carries grapes that ripen outdoors for juicing. And if Dad is not really a winemaker then he can grow it over his pergola and sit in its shade while he drinks his cider, someone else's wine or just munches a Cox's Orange Pippin. And in autumn its leaves turn the colour of the wine of that he did (or didn't) make.

Father's Day

If all else fails...

...or if Dad does not want to make alcoholic beverages (or the best tasting fresh apple juice for that matter), then he is clearly weary from his labours. In which case, what could be better than a spreading, shady tree for him to snatch forty winks under when no one is looking.

A Broadview Walnut is just the thing (every home should have one). Sensibly proportioned, but casting enough shade for a good sized sunbed/lounger, Broadview is also the fastest cropping walnut you can get. No more waiting for 10-15 years for the first nut. This is a walnut that will set its first nuts within a couple of years of planting. Imagine - dutiful children can sit at dad's feet and feed him fresh walnuts....

Broadview Walnut

2 thoughts on “A fruity something for Father's Day”

  • John Black

    I would love to know more about what fruit trees I can grow here in Donegal.I'd love to try grape vines. Do I need a Polytunnel?

    • Julian de Bosdari

      Thanks for your question about fruit trees. I am afraid that as we do not ship to any part of Ireland our knowledge of fruit growing there is limited to what I have seen on holidays (and I am afraid I have not been to Donegal). Specifically on grape vines, I would suspect that even an outdoor variety such as Vitis Brandt would need a tunnel to crop reliably in all but the warmest driest summers as there would be too much rain otherwise. However I did a quick search on the internet for "growing fruit in donegal" and found several sites that you might find helpful.

      Hope this helps
      Good luck

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