Ashridge Nurseries Cold Store

Our cold storage facility allows us to prolong the dormant season of our bare root hedging plants and trees. It keeps the quality of our bare root plants to a high standard, inducing and maintaining dormancy in mild winters, such as the one we have had this year.

It means that hedging and trees can be planted beyond the ‘normal’ season, extending it into April.

Our cold store is kept at between 1 degree C and 3 degrees C with humidity at about 90%. It uses a wet air cooling system whereby the air is cooled by direct contact with chilled water, so that it’s impossible to cool below freezing, which makes it ideal for frost sensitive species. Any heat from our plants is absorbed by the cooling water. The humidity is important in order to keep the root systems moist.

Cold store temperature and humidity


Cold storage ‘tricks’ the plants into staying dormant when outside temperatures would normally ensure that plants begin the grow.

Air and water cooling system in Ashridge Nurseries cold store

This means that the plants you buy from us are in ‘suspended animation’ and when you plant them they will really start to grow, enjoying the warmth of the soil and the air temperature. There is also an increased hardiness of the plants kept in our cold store.

Hedging and trees carefully stored in our cold storage facility

Just remember that when we deliver your bare root plants, they will need to be planted relatively quickly. I suggest that you prepare the ground before planting, so when you get them, plant them as soon as possible.

It’s a huge advantage to have our cold storage technology to maintain stock viability, quality and a reduction in disease infection.

There are still frosts around, especially in Scotland, where there has been a reasonable amount of snow as well. So delaying planting hedges and trees gives your plants an advantage when it’s really spring.


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