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Ashridge Nurseries pledges a future free of peat and neonicotinoids


Bees are essential pollinators

Bees are essential pollinators

With a keen eye on creating sustainable habitats for British wildlife, Ashridge Nurseries has pledged to ensure that its nursery plants are grown in peat-free composts, and without neonicotinoid-based pesticides.

As one of the UK's leading online suppliers of hedging, ornamental trees, fruit trees and roses, Ashridge Nurseries has a longstanding environmental ethos and believes strongly in enhancing and creating natural wildlife habitats.

We have an established relationship with wildlife organisations, including the RSPB. And many of the nursery's trees, shrubs and plants play a special role in supporting native wildlife through shelter, food and pollination.

In light of recent findings into the sustainability of peat resources and the impact of neonicotinoids on pollinating insects, we have made two very firm commitments to our customers and the environment at the start of the growing season.

Natural habitats and beautiful gardens

"We strongly believe that encouraging natural wildlife habitats goes hand in hand with creating beautiful gardens," explains Frances de Bosdari, Director of Ashridge Nurseries.

"We felt the need to make an environmental stand and to spell out our green credentials. We have looked carefully at our nursery production and have decided to stop using peat in the cultivation of our plants and therefore play a role in the preservation of precious peat bogs and wildlife."

"And given the recent and serious concerns being raised regarding the potential effect of neonicotinoid pesticides on wildlife, and especially crucial pollinators such as bees, we felt it was important to take a strong stance. So, we have withdrawn these pesticides from our nurseries with immediate effect."

By making this commitment to removing peat and neonicotinoids, Ashridge Nurseries continues its best efforts to give gardeners quality plants that they can enjoy all year round, whilst also contributing positively to the welfare of British wildlife, especially its essential pollinators.

6 thoughts on “Ashridge Nurseries pledges a future free of peat and neonicotinoids”

  • Fiona Kirton

    Well done for going peat and neonicotinoid pesticide free. I garden as organically as possible and would only;y want plants that has been free from pesticides.

  • B. Farr

    Congratulations - an excellent decision. Both of these issues are critical for our environment and gardeners are potentially a powerful force for change. Please continue to promote peat-free and insect-friendly gardening.

  • Andrew

    What insecticide will you be using instead of neonicotinoid?
    Will it be better or worse for bees?
    I fear most people will revert to older, more harmful insecticides

  • Darren

    @Fiona and @B. Farr, thank you for your comments. These are indeed important issues, and we felt as a business that we should do what we could, where we could.

    @Andrew, thank you for your questions too.

    We are experimenting with recognised natural alternatives - fatty acids and pyrethroids (from pyrethrum flowers) for example.

    It will mean changing a few processes, and will mean more manual effort - but it's important that we try.

    Consumers generally won't accept plants (or vegetables, fruit, flowers...) covered in or damaged by insects, so we have to strike a responsible balance on both sides. We promise to do our bit the best we can.

    I hope that helps - we always welcome your questions and comments, so do feel free to ask away.

  • Dennis Dickins
    Dennis Dickins 27th June 2013 at 9:34 pm

    Good news that Ashridge have gone peat and neonicotinoid free. Reckon all nurseries should go that way then gardeners will have no choice but to use these sustainable products.

    Well done!

  • Childrens Toys

    Excellent post. I am going through many of these
    issues as well..

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