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Bare root Hedging - Planting Time is Near

The quickest, cheapest and in the long run generally the most successful way to get a hedge the neighbours will be jealous of is by using bare root hedging plants.

The time to plant them is from the middle of November onwards (until the end of February really, although with TLC in April they can be planted in March as well).

The time to plan for that planting is NOW.

Here is what you need to consider.

How long with the hedge be and will you plant in one or two rows (you need two rows if the hedge is to be stockproof, if it is to replace a fence or if you want extra density as in the case of a windbreak). That determines how many plants you will need - generally 3 per metre for a single row and 5 per metre for a double one.

Deal with the weeds.  Perennial weeds are the number one enemy of newly planted hedging.  Either kill them by using a glyphos based weedkiller, or kill them by covering them with a light (but not water) proof membrane. Our woven polypropylene is good for the job, but you can use almost anything the weeds can't grow through. Whatever you do, kill them.

Unfortunately, by now the membrane will only work for hedges where you do not intend to dig over the ground later as you have to leave it down. However there is nothing to stop you doing your digging first and then covering with fabric and planting through that.

Arrange your planters - have a planting party, or invite some unsuspecting friends over....  if you want a professional to do the job, just ask us as we sell to hundreds of planters around the country and can almost certainly recommend someone near you.

And order  your plants - it is always best to do that as soon as you can so you be sure they are delivered when you want them; this is the busy time of year for bare root hedging and delivery weeks fill up incredibly rapidly.

And then sit back, relax and wait for them to turn up...

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