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Why Buy English Lavender Plants?

English Lavender Plants, Lavandula angustifolia, are the best choice for planting out in the open in the UK: that's why we don't sell any other kind.
We Guarantee all our plants, so we like to grow the toughest ones!

Lavenders come from around the Mediterranean world.
Spanish Lavender varieties, Lavandula stoechas, are one of the most popular, with their grape shaped, intricate flower heads. However, they are quite tender - a harsh winter cold snap like the one we just had would be a bit much for them.

Lavandula angustifolia was brought here in large amounts about 500 years ago and it quickly hopped from Britain to the newly seized American colonies - this is how a Mediterranean bush gained the name "English Lavender".

From lavender's point of view, an average British garden with rich soil and not too much direct sun is quite an extreme environment - if it was much colder and wetter, it would be impossible to live there.

This is why lavender plants are ideal for growing in pots - they can be sheltered in winter, moved into the sun in summer and the pot can be kept much less damp than the ground during long periods of wet weather.

The lavender you buy from us can be grown in pots and it also comes recommended for planting out in the garden, facing the snow and damp.

Planting Lavender Outdoors:

If possible, put them in a place that has an echo of the Mediterranean: the sunny side of the garden or the dry patch of soil beside the shed.

If your soil is rocky/sandy and free draining, that's great - just mix in a little manure/compost at planting time.

If you have a moist soil and want to make things better for your lavender, the best thing is to dig lots of old manure into it until you've raised the level by at least 6-10 inches.

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