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Blueberry Plants - New Varieties

We sell a lot of plants each year and having only a few hundred of something popular tends to cause more trouble than it is worth - you sell out before the season has started and only end up upsetting people.

Well, we have been building our stock of blueberry plants to the point where we will at least last the month of November. Blueberries, of course, as "in" - they are amazingly healthy and given acid soil (post on the subject coming) they are wonderfully easy to grow.

So we have two new entrants to the Ashridge Trees list, an early blueberry called (amazingly) Earliblue that you pick from the beginning of July and a whopper of a cropper, Chandler that produces fruit through the whole of August and September.  Both are container grown (in 1.5 litre pots which is ideal for quick establishment) and are extremely well priced...

Hope you like them.

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