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This probably entirely inappropriate and anti-Eu and politically incorrect and so on, but the thought struck me that if we all deliberately went out of our way to buy British produce, products and, yes, plants we would keep more people in this country in employment and maybe go some way to protecting the "fragile recovery".

And the more we do that, the more jobs are created , the more people can pay tax and not draw benefit and maybe, if we all did it we could reduce our deficit without too many painful cuts.

A tenner a week repointed from buying something from overseas (China with its horrific human rights record seems a legitimate target) to something from the UK would increase spending on British produce by - I think - £25 billion a year.  Short of what is necessary, but pretty painless.

We have started as a business; all the pots we buy now come from UK manufacturers as do all the spirals, tree guards and tree ties we sell. Our replacement tractor will be British made. We are doing the same at home as well.

Just a thought, but pass it on if you like it.

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