Gardening Tips

  • All About Alliums...

    Alliums start flowering in mid-May and, depending on your variety, continue to do so from to the end of July with their lovely, frozen firework flowers. Alliums have become very "de jour" because their colours range from steely metallic shades to the deepest, velvety purple and because their perfect circular...
  • Ivy League

    The warmth of September has kept the soil temperatures at a perfect pitch for planting potted perennials and shrubs. Autumn is quite the time to settle in fickle plants that like to bed their roots in before they have to do anything exceptional or enervating like flowering. However there is...
  • Hips and Haws

    Rosa rugosa makes a truly decorative hedge on its own or mixed with other hedge plants, especially if the plants are in the sun so that they flower well. Choose vibrant pink or purest white flowers for your summer interest and then enjoy the enormous orange gobstoppers of hips that...
  • Planting trees beyond your lifetime...

    How to make money when you are Dead Mature trees can be worth money. Lots of money. A 50-60 year old walnut or oak tree is worth a good sum of pounds now and will be worth even more in the future. If you have the space to plant a...
  • The Ashridge Nurseries customer promise

      Quality plants with expert advice Buying plants online can seem a little strange. You don't get to see the plants before they arrive, you can't get advice face-to-face, and what happens if your plants aren't up to scratch? Ashridge Nurseries has sold quality plants online since 2003. During that...
  • December Gardening Jobs

         Hedging This is a good month to re-evaluate the structure of your garden. Leaves should have fallen by now and borders can be tidied up so you can get a better perspective on how your garden looks without all the froth of flowers, seed heads and foliage. Look at dividing the...
  • The aftermath of snow and frost

    Branches weighed down by snow Branches weighed down by snow

    Damage to trees and plants caused by snow and frost are part of nature's merry dance.

    It's pretty much always been that way, and although some years will thankfully be milder than others, the recent winter weather has been pretty harsh – especially for young trees, hedging and shrubs.

    Frost damage to young leaves, shoots, buds and roots

    Any part of a plant that hasn't had time to become hardy may have suffered from freeze and thaw. This will be most evident on last year's growth on evergreen plants.
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  • Why Willows and Drains do not Mix...

    A video on why willows and drains should not be too close together...
  • Bulbs to brighten your world



    Bulbs are among the best value for money performers of the spring garden, bringing glorious colour to even the most challenging of environments year after year with precious little effort on your part. From the first snowdrops of early spring, through glorious carpets of crocus and narcissus, to the allium pompoms of early summer, our flower bulbs for sale provide freshness, fragrance and colour – and often when little else is happening in the garden. And they have long been admired the world over for their ornamental values... Continue reading

  • Using Copper foliage in the garden (...and why it is it copper anyway?)

    Black elder in flower Contemporary gardeners often use dark colours…look how the ‘Queen of the Night’ tulip has become ubiquitous, or the black grass Ophiopogon planiscarpens nigrescens (I don’t know how to pronounce it either)…pops up in urn plantings or as a contrast to pale paving. There is something fascinating...

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