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  • RSPB picks Ashridge Nurseries to create a Nature Friendly Collection for its 'Giving Nature A Home' campaign

    RSPB - Giving Nature a Home

    'Giving Nature a Home' is the RSPB's
    largest ever campaign

    The Royal Society For the Protection of Birds (RSPB) has selected leading online plant retailer, Ashridge Nurseries, to launch a new Nature Friendly Collection of native British plants. This is to help support the charity's largest campaign in its history; Giving Nature A Home.

    Ashridge Nurseries has also pledged to donate 15% of its sales from the Nature Friendly Collection to the charity to support the campaign.
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  • Ashridge Nurseries pledges a future free of peat and neonicotinoids


    Bees are essential pollinators

    Bees are essential pollinators

    With a keen eye on creating sustainable habitats for British wildlife, Ashridge Nurseries has pledged to ensure that its nursery plants are grown in peat-free composts, and without neonicotinoid-based pesticides.

    As one of the UK's leading online suppliers of hedging, ornamental trees, fruit trees and roses, Ashridge Nurseries has a longstanding environmental ethos and believes strongly in enhancing and creating natural wildlife habitats.

    We have an established relationship with wildlife organisations, including the RSPB. And many of the nursery's trees, shrubs and plants play a special role in supporting native wildlife through shelter, food and pollination.

    In light of recent findings into the sustainability of peat resources and the impact of neonicotinoids on pollinating insects, we have made two very firm commitments to our customers and the environment at the start of the growing season.
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I just wanted to let you know my plants have arrived today as promised. I have unpacked them and they are wonderful, I am so pleased with them. They are much bigger than I expected and in tip-top condition. Thank you so much. I also think they are really excellent value for money – I buy most of my plants on-line (living in Cornwall the choices are a bit limited) and I had looked for Hydrangea seemannii at my usual on-line supplier but they were so expensive I was a bit put off. Ten pounds per plant more (!) Then I searched around and found you – your plants were considerably cheaper and larger so I was a bit worried they might fall short of the mark. But… absolutely no worries on that front. In fact I bought two seemannii from the other supplier earlier this year (I think they are a very ‘useful’ plant, particularly for someone who lives in a walled garden) so can do a direct comparison. Interestingly, they are smaller than yours now even though they have been in the ground and well cared for, for more than six summer months. Many thanks, excellent service and terrific plants – I will be back..!Debbie Frost
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