• Brilliant bark

    If I had a bigger garden, one of my (many) aims would be to plant more trees. There are the obvious benefits for the environment and wildlife to consider: more habitat, food and shelter for birds, insects and other creatures, plus all that oxygen being pumped back into the atmosphere...
  • Obsessions of a gardener

    There are two obsessions that gardening induces; firstly the weather and most importantly your own garden taking over your thoughts and dreams. The weather Is it too cold, is the ground frozen or even warming up? Is it too wet, or too dry? Is it the right time to plant...
  • A soft spot for snowdrops

    Who doesn’t love snowdrops? They’re small but perfectly formed, utterly captivating and are the first signs of spring. I have just one small patch of them in my south London garden, under a robinia tree, tucked among the wallflowers. I dug them up from my gran’s garden in Wales nearly...

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