• Looking back at 2013; a good year for wildlife!

    In many ways 2013 has been a very good year. After a long cold spring we finally had a summer to remember. Our native spring flowering plants benefited from an extended flowering period. For the first time in two years there was an abundance of butterflies. Many of our fruiting trees and shrubs produced a bumper crop. We even had memorable fungi filled Autumn

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  • Winning rhyme for our 12 days of Christmas competition

    The 12 days logo

    Thank you to those who entered our Twelve Days of Christmas competition where we invited you to create your own version of the famous Christmas Carol. We had some really fun entries and people got into the Christmas gardening spirit, so much so it was difficult to chose a winner. Continue reading

  • 12 Days Of Christmas Competition

    Starting with your Partridges in Pear Trees, enter the Ashridge Nurseries ‘12 days of Christmas’ competition. Write new lines to go with each day of the famous Christmas carol. Find a plant from our site that you think is most appropriate for each day in the song. The best new...
  • Autumn blaze part two: Hedges and berries

    Sorbus cashmiriana

    The cream berries of Sorbus cashmiriana
    as autumn approaches

    It's not just trees that can provide a colourful spectacle through these colder autumn months; there are many shrubs and hedges that create marvel and drama in the autumn garden.

    As the nights draw in it is easy to become downhearted at the thought of the winter to come. But as the weather cools a miraculous transformation is beginning. Hedges and shrubs are slowly making their preparations for dormancy by stopping the flow of fluids in to their leaves.

    This means that the green chlorophyll that usually masks out any other pigments present is diminished. The result is the phenomenon known as autumn colour.
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  • Update on our ‘Plant a tree, make air for free’ schools project!


    Over the last week or so, primary and middle schools in Somerset and Dorset have been busy planting new trees donated by Ashridge Nurseries. In total, over 2,500 new trees will be planted!

    Our ‘Plant a tree, make air for free’ project was inspired by the national Jubilee Tree Planting challenge, which aims to commemorate the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee with the planting of millions of new trees across the UK.
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  • Homemade Plum Chutney Recipe

    Plum chutney can be made with plums or damsons and it's a good way of using up damaged or misshapen sweet plums. If a plum is bruised, still put it all in - it makes no difference once it's cooked. Stoning the Plums: The easy way to do this is...
  • Brutting Your Hazel Trees to Get More Nuts!

    Brutting is a really simple technique to make your hazel or cobnut trees produce more nuts. It is done in August. You can do this on any type of hazel, cobnut or purple hazel. All you do is snap (but don't break off) the ends of all the new shoots...
  • Water your new plants.

    Everything planted during the last 2 winters will need watering! It looks like we are having a dry start to the year, so whether you planted trees or hedging, or both this winter, your plants really need you to water them regularly. It takes at least a year for a plant...
  • Water Butts: Get the most from them in dry weather

    This is quick tip for people who love saving water and those who want to learn how to water: Make the most of the water your butts collect from roof gutters in periods of low rainfall In warm weather, light, patchy rain will not get deep enough into the soil...
  • Why Buy English Lavender Plants?

    English Lavender Plants, Lavandula angustifolia, are the best choice for planting out in the open in the UK: that's why we don't sell any other kind. We Guarantee all our plants, so we like to grow the toughest ones! Lavenders come from around the Mediterranean world. Spanish Lavender varieties, Lavandula...

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