• Botany VS Poetry: The Hermaphrodite of the Woods?

    A totally unecessary post about the gender of Birch trees.
  • Winter Frost & Snow Damage on Leaves & Branches

    Frost & snow damage are facts of life & no cause for alarm - some years will just be harder than others and this winter has been pretty nippy. Frost Damage in Winter: Winter frost damage hits young, soft leaves and shoots that didn't have time to harden up last...
  • We Deliver Lavender In May Only!

    Buying Lavender from us: We can give you the best prices if we deliver all the lavender plants we grow for the year during May. The warming soil is great for planting out pot-grown lavender. We Guarantee all our plants for 1 year after you get them. Lavender really wants...
  • Identify Sudden Oak Death - Phytophthora ramorum

    The fungus behind sudden oak death or SOD, Phytophthora ramorum, is a new disease outbreak, first recorded in the early 1990's. In America, it has had a potent effect on their local Oaks (Quercus group). In Europe, it mainly attacks other unrelated plants, especially: Rhodedendron. Camellia. Peiris. Larch. Ornamental viburnums...
  • When do I prune a tree? Winter and Summer.

    Pruning a tree is not like trimming a hedge, although a seriously overgrown hedge is basically a row of scrubby trees that could need pruning to restore it to a proper hedge again. Young ornamental trees may be shaped using secatuers to prune side shoots, but removing branches on an...
  • A jolly useful piece of plant software?

    We've checked out a trial copy of a digital plant library called Horticopia here in the office - after all, not everyone here is a plant nerd and us real nerds have better things to do than answer questions and enjoy the sound of our own voices sounding smart all...
  • Hawthorn Hedging - Tip No 4

    We are having a nice warm autumn with just a few cold nights. If you are thinking about planting a hawthorn hedge this winter, now is a really good time to strike a blow for the good guys and go after a few weeds. Perennial weeds like bindweed, docks, thistles...
  • Who will buy my apples?

    Guide to fruit tree rootstocks It is about this time of year that the signs go up in nurseries and garden centres around the country, announcing the arrival of the main apple harvest. And thousands of people boldly go forth to find..... apple trees for sale (if you recognise the parallels...
  • Blueberry Plants - New Varieties

    We sell a lot of plants each year and having only a few hundred of something popular tends to cause more trouble than it is worth - you sell out before the season has started and only end up upsetting people. Well, we have been building our stock of blueberry...
  • Rabbits eating your plants

    Rabbits are a complete pain if you happen to grow hedging and trees and fruit for a living. Cute looking they may be, but they have a horrid habit of biting branches straight through (usually close to the stem) and of tearing leaves off plants they don't bite... We have a...

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