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Forewarned is fair warning...

Christmas is not quite upon us but its promoters warm up earlier every year.

So, if you looked at half the magazines out there you might think it was only a few days away. And of course, in a sense, it is.

So, here is a timely reminder that the centrepiece of Christmas - the tree please, not the turkey - is something we can sort out for you by delivering it to your door.

As you would expect we only stock the best. Premium grade non-drop Christmas trees or Nordmann Firs (Abies nordmanniana to aficionados) - The Nordman Fir is the Bronze Turkey of the Christmas tree world.

It is famous for its beautiful lush foliage with gloriously scented needles that stay on the branches throughout the festive season.

Most fir trees when cut start to moult pretty fast but Abies nordmanniana is an exception. When growing in Siberia, it can retain its leaves for up to 25 years... It is also a shapely tree with branches that have just enough space between them to hang dangly baubles and tinsel, but not so much as to look 'gappy'.

When you order your tree you can choose the delivery week - no expensive taxis or wrestling 2 metre monsters onto the London Underground. Nor even driving along the road with the boot half open! Pick the height that you want from our range of five sizes, from the petite but perfectly formed 1.5 to 1.75 m all the way to a handsome hulk at 2.5 to 2.75 metres.

Our trees are all grown specially for us in the UK and are cut just before delivery to maximise their needle life. So, there you go - one less thing to have to think about come December...

Xmas Tree Xmas Tree
Nordmann Fir Nordmann Fir

2 thoughts on “Forewarned is fair warning...”

  • Caroline Brown

    Any chance of potted Norway spruce or other? Much more sustainable to keep a growing tree after all.

    • root

      I am afraid we do not sell potted christmas trees. The reality is that without real care, they suffer so badly in well insulated, centrally heated houses that it takes years for them to recover. Second, most conifers are very deep rooted and suffer from root "girdling" if kept in a pot for any length of time. This won't kill them, but it will prevent proper establishment, so they will never grow into a "proper" tree.

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