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Frequently Asked Questions at Ashridge Nurseries


We get many people enquiring about specific things at certain times of the year, and here are some of the most frequent ones and some helpful answers:


Question 1:   When will my order be delivered?

Answer: Current deliveries for bare root plants should arrive by mid-November depending on what you’ve ordered. Deliveries are determined by the weather and where the plants have been grown (this could be Kent, Worcestershire, Scotland, Lincolnshire or, for a few product lines abroad).

Please be patient, we will keep you informed with the dates that your order should be delivered by. Just remember that all plants grow at different rates and occasionally there may be short delays in ensuring you receive your complete order.


Question 2: Can I add to or amend my order?

Answer: You’re unable to do this online, however you can email us ( and we can manage the additional items for your order. Please send us full details of the plants and accessories (such as Rootgrow, stakes and ties) and we will do it for you. Please note that we do not take payment until nearer the time of despatch so the updated amount will be taken at that time.


Question 3: What are the sizes and heights of plants?

Answer: Here are some general guidelines, but all plants vary:

Hedging plant - these are all measured by their height above ground level when planted (in centimetres).

Ornamental tree - these are measured using the girth of the tree one metre above ground level (in centimetres). We supply these trees with either a 6/8cm or an 8/10cm girth measurement. There are some exceptions, so please check individual details for each tree. On average a 6/8cm girth tree will be around 2.5m in height and an 8/10cm tree will be around 3m in height.

Fruit tree - we supply these in 3 different sizes; half-standard, a tree in its second year with a clear trunk of around 1.2 metres and will mature to a height and spread of 4 metres, the bush is also a tree in its second year with a clear trunk of about 60 cms which will grow to an eventual height and spread of 3 metres, the youngest tree is the maiden which is a tree in its first year and is the blank canvas to be pruned to either a half standard or bush or it can be trained. Here are some useful videos on how to prune fruit trees.

Soft fruit – bareroot raspberry canes are pruned to around 40 cms, strawberries come as rooted runners and other fruits vary but will not be bigger than 40 cms.

Roses are pruned down to about 30 cms.


Question 4: How far apart should I plant?

Answer: It depends on what you’re planting. Here are some general rules for planting distances, but please have a look at the relevant page for each plant.

Planting bulbs – one way that works for us, is to scatter them in the area you want your bulbs to grow and plant them where they land. This gives a natural look to the flowers in the spring.

Planting hedges – Please see our guide on country hedging and formal hedging. It’s usually 3 per metre for a single row or 5/6 per metre for a staggered row.

Fruit trees – Please have a look at our advice pages for each tree. Typically bush-sized trees will have a canopy of at least 3 metres in breadth, while half standard fruit trees’ canopy is typically 4 metres; so leave enough room between them, especially if you want to get a lawnmower between the plants. Here’s a useful page on locating fruit tree orchards.


Question 5: What are the ages of your plants?


Fruit trees are either in their first full year (maiden) or second year.

Soft fruit bushes are between 1 and 2 years old

Standard trees are based on their girth measurement and can vary in age depending on the tree growth rates.

Hedging is based on height and they can be a year to 3 years old.


Like people, plants vary from individual to individual, so don’t always expect the exact same plant, they will vary, and you know something, that’s part of the beauty of them and us.


Happy gardening


Ashridge customer support team


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