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Hawthorn Hedge Planting - Tip 2

This may sound silly, but it is amazing how well it works.

If you have a good number of hawthorn hedge plants to get in the ground, why not have a hawthorn hedge planting party. Obviously you can get everyone to help lay weed proof fabric and tuck the edges in, but the planting bit can be made real fun.

The ideal planting team is 3 people - one to make the planting slit, one to plant into the slit close it up (if you are using spirals) and one to close the slit up if you are not using spirals or to add canes and spirals if number 2 has already closed the planting slit.

Of course two teams plant twice as fast as one and this is where planting a hawthorn hedge gets to be fun.

Measure the length to be planted exactly and mark the mid-point. On party day, place a case of beer, 200 cigarettes, a chocolate cake or some other suitable prize on the mid-point. Put one team at one end of the hawthorn hedge to be and the other team at the other end.

On the whistle they race to the prize - winner takes all...

A good team will plant 1,000 60/80 cm hawthorn hedge plants in a day. so if you have lot, use your ingenuity to stage, for example a knock out competition.

You will be amazed at how fast a bunch of beastly, thorny, boring hawthorn hedging whips disappear into the soil!

Sit back, relax and watch you hedges grow.

2 thoughts on “Hawthorn Hedge Planting - Tip 2”

  • Tilly


    I planted some of your quickthorn whips and some blackthorn hedging plants a couple of years back. They grew well last year but they have been really suffering with fungus - mildew i think - on the leaves and hasn't grown much this year. Do I need to treat this now while the leaves are still on, or should I wait and cut them back and hope that we get a better year next year.

    Many thanks Tilly

  • julian

    Thanks for your email Tilly

    You can spray your plants (both the quickthorn whips and the blackthorn) with any fungicide that will treat mildew. A lot of chemicals are being withdrawn from the market but Scotts Roseclear3 is widely available. You will also find that raking up and burning the fallen leaves in autumn will reduce the incidence of mildew the following year as it overwinters on fallen plant material. Don't cut the plants back until the leaves have fallen. Given that your hawthorn hedging plants are in their second year, you might to cust new growth back by about 50% to make them bushier.

    Good luck


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