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Hedging as an Investment Strategy

It crossed my mind, following my negative equity brainwave post that some comparative costing would be informative.

In absolute terms a 50 metre run of mixed country hedge plants would cost about £80 plus VAT.  It would take one unpracticed person less than a day to plant.  Other than clipping its maintenance costs are about zero and it should last for at least 100 years ( a yew hedge costs more, but can last ten times as long).

For the accountants amongst you an opportunity cost approach (namely what do I lose/could have instead if I plant a hedge) is instructive.

The same length of panel fencing, including the necessary uprights, but ignoring concrete or ground spikes would be £875 plus VAT and not counting labour.  And one unpractised person would never get it done in a day (or two). Without any disrespect to the large discount chain I got the pricing from, your fence would be lucky to last 10-15 years.

Don't even think about brick (or stone) - the same run would cost you at least £12,000 and would probably not last as long as the hedge unless it got re-pointed once or twice over the next 100 years.

And I have not even mentioned graffiti (unlike brick walls I see all over the place, you do not get it on hedging).

Watch your plants grow and enjoy.

3 thoughts on “Hedging as an Investment Strategy”

  • prdobson

    interesting. glad i saw this post as were just thinking about replacing the front fence. do i use bare root plants or potted ones and what sort do u suggest


  • julian

    Thanks for your comment. Given the time of year (now August) I would suggest you wait until November/December before you plant. That way you can use bare-root stock which are a lot cheaper than potted plants.

    Depending on where you are (in town, country, seaside etc) there are a multitude of choices, but you could take a look at beech as a hedging plant or privet which is good in towns, yew which will grow anywhere and is the most formal hedge plant or something like variegated griselinia which is great by the sea.

    For more information on hedging plants why not take a look at the Hedge Plant Lists page on our main site.

    Good luck

  • prdobson

    thanks very much - we are going to go 4 the beech hedging packs u sell - have ordered for delivery in nov. cheers pete

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