Our Top Tips Of The Season: no.11

We love viburnums


Like many gardeners, we love viburnums and have even uprooted and taken various viburnum plants with us on the odd occasion we have moved house. We recommend that if you are going to start from scratch, purchase the smaller plants as they are easier to handle and will establish well in poor conditions. Use the taller versions at 40/60cm is you want a hedge that will establish more quickly.

Our favourite viburnum

Our favourite viburnum is the Viburnum Tinus Eve Price also know as Laurustinus, predominantly because it flowers throughout winter. The berries that follow are a deep purple and are much loved by wildlife. They have great ornamental value and are unusual in that it will still bear the previous year’s berries when the new buds are beginning to flower, unless the winter has been particularly harsh. Viburnum Eve Price has also won various RHS garden awards. What's yours? Let us know in the comments below

Why do they have the name Laurustinus?

The reason they have the name Laurustinus is because the leaves resemble laurel. However, the plants are not related. Instead viburnum tinus’s are from the same family as the Sambucus or Elder plant.

They have been cultivated in England for 400 years

Viburnum tinus has been cultivated in England for about 400 years. Because there is seldom a season where they don’t look good, Andy Michael Manis says they are a common sight in many gardens. So if you are looking to create a garden from scratch viburnums are a good plant to have. They also bring good foliage in flower decorations. Some gardeners describe them as being the most versatile plants to have in a garden. Altogether there are about 150 species to choose from, although we've got 4


Viburnum Pollination

They are not a self-fertile plant so it is better to have two in the garden rather than one for them to bear fruit. But they do not require pollination to produce flowers.


They are versatile to place

Viburnum Lantana

Viburnums can work in the back of a border adding height to a display or they also work in pots on either side of a terrace, underplanted with annuals.


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