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The Queen’s Platinum Jubilee was one of the happiest highlights of 2022. How fortunate that we could celebrate and give thanks to the Queen for her incredible dedication to this country over seventy years before her death in September.

Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth

Many of us honoured the Queen by picking up a spade and planting ‘a tree for the Jubilee’, a fitting tribute to a monarch who personally planted over 1500 trees in her long lifetime. Launched by the then Prince of Wales in March 2021, the Queen’s Green Canopy project has already resulted in over 1 million trees being planted across the country – a fantastic achievement that will help nurture biodiversity and tackle climate change while promoting mental and physical well-being. Individuals, schools, landowners, and councils have all taken part, creating a living legacy for future generations.

Tree Planting Tree Planting

It’s a project that’s resonates with us at Ashridge. Trees are in our DNA: we’ve been supplying top quality bareroot trees and hedging plants since the company was established in 1949. We’ve championed the benefits of trees throughout the New Elizabethan era, and we’ll continue to do so in the reign of King Charles.

And so we couldn’t have been more delighted to learn that The King has extended the Queen’s Green Canopy until 31 March 2023 (the end of the bareroot season), giving people more time to plant a tree in memory of her late Majesty Queen Elizabeth II.

To support the final months of the project we will be offering different discounts throughout the 2022/23 planting season on all standard trees purchased before the end of March. In order to receive these discounts, sign up to our newsletter. Our bareroot standard trees are ideal for the QGC: they are easy to plant and quick to establish. Being more mature than sapling trees they also offer the benefit of providing a decent sized leaf canopy sooner (as well as greater instant gratification to the planter!).

Whether planting one tree or many, our range of native trees – from alder to whitebeam – offers plenty of inspiration. In keeping with the QGC’s ethos of responsible planting all our trees are grown to the highest phytosanitary standards and whether you’re planning an avenue of majestic lime trees, a magnificent memorial oak, or simply wish to add a wildlife friendly rowan, hawthorn, or crab-apple to your garden we can help you find the right tree for the right place.

Planting a bareroot tree Planting a bareroot tree

Once you’ve planted your tree, add it to the QGC interactive map to see how your contribution fits in. Send us a picture that we can share too – we love seeing our trees in their new homes!

Planting a tree is a simple and positive way of commemorating an exceptional life. We look forward to growing the Queen’s Green Canopy with you.

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