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How to make money when you are Dead

Mature trees can be worth money. Lots of money. A 50-60 year old walnut or oak tree is worth a good sum of pounds now and will be worth even more in the future. If you have the space to plant a dozen or more trees together, you could be talking loads of cash.

But wait, you expect to be dead in 60 years time? Don't we all!

Well, not all of us, I know some lucky people who will only be 62 by then.

So why would you want to plant those trees in the first place? For future generations to inherit?

That's obviously your choice if you choose it, but what are the chances that they will look after them?

The trees don't need to be mature for you to sell them. You can sell land with 20 year old trees on it when you are 75.
With just 40 more years to go, these trees would have one third of the value that they will have in the future (which could always go up sharply!).

The person who bought the 20 year old trees and land could then sell them again in 20 years time, on this occasion for two thirds of the value that they would have had if they were ready now (you can see the trend).

By the time the third person sells the trees to someone in 2086 for timber on her 78th birthday, their value will have increased massively.
They will have sunk perhaps 10+ tonnes of CO2 out of the atmosphere, into the substance of their wood and roots. All the leaves that have fallen and turned into soil over the 60 seasons will account for several more tonnes.

If the second person is your son and daughter and the third people your grandchildren at grandparent age, you have just performed a reverse pyramid scheme to enrich yourself in your old age and your descendants, probably for years after your demise.

And even if you don't have kids or want to sell them any trees, you still get the cash.

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