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Rose Pruning Courses - Gardens of the Rose

The Gardens of the Rose in St Albans is a generously laid out, dense collection of roses ranging from little shrubs the size of a curled up cat to massive ramblers roaming over tunnels and arches.

Summer time is clearly the season to visit for the narcotic effect of so many roses blooming at once. Before all that starts up, however, they run the best value, expert run rose pruning courses around.

Being an outdoor event, the weather delay the date. At the time of writing, it is planned for Thurday 10th February, 11 am.

£5 for Members, £10 for non-Members of the Royal National Rose Society.

Contact Details:

Ann Bird
Gardens of the Rose
Chiswell Green
St Albans
0845 833 4344 (Tuesday-Thursday only)

You can see the location of the gardens here on a map.

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