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  • Beech hedging

    I’ve recently planted a beech hedge, which my wife has had in her mind for a while, just 10 days ago. We had an area of mown grass that was not really doing anything surrounded on three sides by borders, with a variety of flowers and shrubs. However, one end...
  • Beech: A national treasure!

    British beech - a national treasure

    Beech turns a wonderful copper colour in winter.

    The magnificent beech tree is quintessentially British – and not to mention elegant, flexible, award-winning, reliable, colourful...

    Maybe surprisingly, beech is classed only as native to Southern England, and then only from as recently as 4,000BC. Nevertheless, the beech is an important (and much loved) part of our ancient British woodlands.

    Whether grown as a beech tree or beech hedging, it helps support a vast array of wildlife – from the bluebells that take advantage of that brief window of warmth and sunlight before the deciduous canopy opens, to the insects, birds and larger mammals that find food and set up home in their boughs and roots. Continue reading

  • How not to plant a Beech Hedge...

    My friend Rachel is a passionate if impatient gardener.  Vegetables are really her thing (probably because so many of them are sown and germinate before you get bored). The same, unfortunately cannot be said of her prowess when it came to a beech hedge she planted five years ago.  Her mistakes...
  • 101 uses for your Beech Hedge - No. 73 - Forecasting Spring

    An entirely random thought. I stumbled on a site that has kept a record of the date on which a hazel bush has come into pollen each year. The theory is that the date a hazel produces pollen indicates whether spring will be early or late (for the sake of...
  • The Best Beech Hedge

    We were at a friend's house for lunch today and on the way in, walking though his garden, I admired his beech hedge. It is not an old beech hedge, maybe 5 years (although I need to check).  What struck me about it were two things: 1.  It was very...

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