• Bee friendly… 

    I was momentarily taken aback to hear a bee fizz past my right ear the other day, while out in the garden clearing up a few leaves. It was pretty cold, the kind of day you wish gardening gloves came with fleece lining as standard. Of course I shouldn’t have...
  • Perfect plants for pollinators

    There’s nothing quite like the lazy thrum of bees on a sunny day. Dipping in and out of the tubular echo chambers of a foxglove flower, settling on fragrant spikes of lavender or buzzing heavily skywards, pollen sacs laden with golden dust. Bee on Hidcote lavender But bees and other...
  • Lavender - a truly eclectic plant

    Lavender is a herb, a flower, a medicine, a deterrent. Its uses are many and varied, probably more than any other plant I know. Lavender looks great, smells even better and despite being of Mediterranean and North African provenance is a classic English staple of cottage gardens, as well as...
  • July Bee Blog (2016)

    Bee Blog July 2016 The swarming season is all but over here in the south, but as the season is still running quite late, I wouldn’t be surprised if there are still bees thinking of setting up a new home, in the north. I’ve heard of some good swarms this...
  • January Bee Blog

    For a long time I told people that from where I live to France, is only 150 miles in a straight line, and to be honest, that was a guess. To be sure, I resorted to Google Earth, and surprise surprise! It’s actually less than 100 miles to the nearest...
  • November Bee Blog

    Bee Blog & tips November 2015 November is the first of the inactive months in beekeeping. It’s the bees that are inactive, or at least, less active. You should be beavering away in the shed, getting ready for next season. You should have lots of frames which need cleaning, and then there...
  • Bee Watch - April

    Tree Bumblebee

    Tree Bumblebee - image from

    Bees are great for our gardens - and mostly, whether solitary or communal, work best on their own. But what happens when we decide to or are required to intervene?

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  • Bee Watch - March

    Honeybee on Blackthorn - (©

    March is here, and it's great to put an end to the 'wettest winter' on record and look forward to the spring ahead. But what sort of damage has the weather done to our Bee population?

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  • Bee Watch - February

    Bees have received a lot of publicity in recent years and beekeeping has certainly caught the imagination of a lot of people. The bees that most people think of are honeybees and bumblebees, but there are about 251 species of bees in the UK and of those, arguably, 29 are bumblebees.

    Honeybee on Viburnum

    honeybee on lonicera fragrantissima - (Stewart Gould)

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