• All I want for Christmas ...

    Christmas presents can be an emotive subject for gardeners. There are always so many things a gardener wants to find under the tree on Christmas morning. But, please, not another fork and trowel set (with obligatory floral design). And no more gardeners’ soaps or hand creams. I have a pile...
  • Ramblings on roses

    I love roses. They’re colourful, sophisticated, often gorgeously perfumed and happy as Larry in clay soil. Being a London gardener with little time to garden, this is crucial. A winter project My little pre-Christmas project this year is to plant the climber ‘Bathsheba’ in a pot against the east-facing wall...
  • Frequently Asked Questions at Ashridge Nurseries

      We get many people enquiring about specific things at certain times of the year, and here are some of the most frequent ones and some helpful answers:   Question 1:   When will my order be delivered? Answer: Current deliveries for bare root plants should arrive by mid-November depending on what...
  • Roses for the Cutting Garden

    I know that the subject of roses in their hedging and hip form came up in the last newsletter but arguably (and I may be on sticky ground here) every garden should have a rose or two in one of its incarnations. Even for those with a more modernist or...
  • Coming up... roses!

    Twice in a Blue Moon

    The highly scented and delicately coloured
    hybrid tea rose 'Twice in a Blue Moon'

    Roses are by far the favourite among flowering garden plants.

    They have been cultivated for an astonishing 5,000 years, the earliest having been collected for decoration or scent from the wild.

    But by the mid 19th century over a thousand different varieties were available. Today this figure is somewhere around 13,000!

    They are our most adored garden plant and our image of the country garden would not be complete without them.
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  • Organic care of roses


    Organic care for roses

    There are organic alternatives to rose pest and
    disease control – including growing garlic!

    Roses, apart from being beautiful are also probably the most loved flower in British gardens - and one of the most useful. 

    Rose petals are commonly harvested for use in cosmetics, dried for pot pourri, or added to jams, syrup or water for flavour. You can also crystallise them for use as cake decorations.

    Rose hips contain more vitamin C gram-for-gram than oranges with even higher levels in the older heritage varieties. They can be used in jams, syrups and soups or just left on the plant as winter food for birds.
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  • February 2013 photo competition: "Roses"


    You're Beautiful floribunda roses

    Make us swoon with your rose-inspired photos!

    Cameras at the ready, our February 2013 photo competition is open!

    And as it's February, the month of romance, the theme is simply:


    But don't let that force you down the path of the traditional single red bloom – let your creativity loose! We'd love to see a variety of colour, form and composition.

    The closing date for entries is midnight on Thursday 24 January 2013. The three winners will be contacted via email, including their prize voucher code, by Thursday 31 January.

    As before we have three prizes to give away!
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