snowdrops in the green

  • A soft spot for snowdrops

    Who doesn’t love snowdrops? They’re small but perfectly formed, utterly captivating and are the first signs of spring. I have just one small patch of them in my south London garden, under a robinia tree, tucked among the wallflowers. I dug them up from my gran’s garden in Wales nearly...
  • Snowdrops in the Green

    Snowdrops generally make an appearance in February. Sometimes called the Flower of Hope, the common snowdrop (Galanthus Nivalis) has leaves with specially hardened tips designed to push through snow and even very thin ice. These clear the way for single or, depending on variety, double white flowers that seem designed to light up darker corners of any garden.  If you would like see more, browse our range of bulbs in the green. Remember that you will need about 75 snowdrops per square metre. Continue reading

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