• Make a home for nature

    As gardeners, one of our main aims, along with creating a space that looks lovely, should be sustaining the wildlife we have. And using the space you have available to you to make a home for nature is a great way of achieving this. Whether your plot is big or small, there are countless ways to get involved, from planting bird-friendly hedging, to building a home for hedgehogs.

    Steven from the Yorkshire Dales decided to do just this - build a home for nature. When we saw his tweet, showing us his newly planted 90 metre Bird Friendly Hedge, we couldn't resist asking him a couple of questions:

    Freshly planted bird friendly hedge mix with canes and spirals Freshly planted bird friendly hedge mix with canes and spirals

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  • A Recent Order for Hedging Plants

    You recently sent me an order of 100 conservation mix hedging plants and I thought I would drop you a line now that I have finished planting my hedge. From the first contact with your company  I had good information, good service and excellent value.  A request to get the...

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