• Perfect plants for pollinators

    There’s nothing quite like the lazy thrum of bees on a sunny day. Dipping in and out of the tubular echo chambers of a foxglove flower, settling on fragrant spikes of lavender or buzzing heavily skywards, pollen sacs laden with golden dust. Bee on Hidcote lavender But bees and other...
  • Looking back at 2013; a good year for wildlife!

    In many ways 2013 has been a very good year. After a long cold spring we finally had a summer to remember. Our native spring flowering plants benefited from an extended flowering period. For the first time in two years there was an abundance of butterflies. Many of our fruiting trees and shrubs produced a bumper crop. We even had memorable fungi filled Autumn

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  • Urban gardening: Introducing the 'False Widow'


    The 'False Widow' spider is spreading through
    Southern England – this is a female Steatoda nobilis
    (Image: Wikimedia Creative Commons)

    London-based urban gardener, Dan Combes, tells us of his close encounter of the eight-legged kind...

    Introducing the False Widow! Britain's deadly spider... or is it?

    Recently both London and National media has been littered with articles documenting the rapid rise of the False Widow, labelling it "Britain's most deadly spider."

    The Daily Star reports '...a plague of 10 million False Widow spiders.' Both The Independent and The Guardian discuss the potentially lethal bite of this small yet dangerous looking arachnid.

    As a London gardener the only bite or sting I am likely to endure is that of a nettle or a wasp. Has this all changed?
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  • Spring 2013 photo competition: Spring wildlife


    Squirrel in a tree in spring

    Aren't you just dying to get out for
    spring walks in the woods?!

    Our spring 2013 photo competition is open for entries!

    Plants are most certainly on the move, and the recent lighter evenings offer the best clues that spring is most certainly here! Creatures are on the move too, so the theme this time is:

    "Spring wildlife"

    Birds, insects, small mammals, amphibians... maybe even the household pet in the undergrowth? Snap an animal in a garden setting and see if you can make us smile!

    The closing date for entries is midnight on Thursday 30 May 2013. The three winners will be contacted via email, including their prize voucher code, by Thursday 6 June.

    As before we're giving away a total of more than £100 in vouchers to three lucky winners!
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