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The Latest Leaf

There is hope after all.

Most of our business happens in the winter months.  We sell a great number of bare-rooted trees, hedge plants and the like between November and March.  Over the years, the success rate has been very high indeed - we end up with the reported death of less than 1,000 plants a year on average.  However, a larger number of plants are worried about in April and May as some, random trees and shrubs can take a little while to show signs of life.  We always ask our customers to be patient, tell them to stay in touch but to hold on until May, and sure enough 70-80% of the plants that had looked dead have sprung into life before June.

Not so this year (hence the opening line).  We go the usual rush of worried planters in April, but they kept in touch through May and June and into July.  We were bracing ourselves for a grim period of customer service and were wondering what had gone wrong, when on Friday (11th July) I noticed that a copper beech sapling that had been potted up here in February and had been put to one side as being dead, wasn't.  Its buds had started to move and the sun on Sunday meant that its first leaf was fully open this morning.  It was the herald of brighter things because the three biggest "worriers" ALL rang to say that their plants seemed to be sprouting all over the place. I suspect most of the others will follow suit.

I am not sure if this is caused by global warming (or more likely a grotty spring and summer) but either way the moral of the story is to have a little extra patience when the weather is gloomy.  Everything takes a bit longer, but in the end Mother Nature, as always, tends to work it out.

So relax, have fun and enjoy....

P.S.  (Blatant plug for our hedge plants) if you would like a superhuman copper beech hedge that, like the plant above, has defeated global warming, the crunch, street crime and goodness knows what else by the middle of July, just visit our Beech hedging page where you can preorder hedge plants for delivery in the autumn.

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