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This is what you think of our website … and the survey winners of a £50 Amazon voucher

We have recently completed a customer survey with over 1200 responses. We asked some specific questions and have had very positive feedback. I can only thank all of those who spent their time giving their valuable opinions and insight into their thinking, so that we can improve the experience of buying from us.

Two particular questions were aimed at improving the website, which we are continually striving to be easier to use. You can never sit back and say that a website is perfect - there are always plenty of things we can do to make our customers’ lives easier.

We have over 2500 varieties of plants to choose from and finding what you want can be difficult and then knowing how many you need, what the price is and when plants will be delivered is not always straight forward. Having said that the customers that responded were very positive, with 82% indicating that the website performed very well when they were trying to find a plant (17% it performed okay and 1 % not very well).


On a scale of 1-10 (1 is very poor and 10 is excellent), how does our website perform for you to find what you are looking for?


In terms of pricing and delivery 85% said the website is very clear (14% it was okay and only 1% not every clear).


On a scale of 1-10 (where 1 is very poor and 10 is excellent), how clear is our website in terms of pricing and delivery?


It needs to be said that a massive majority of our customers are obviously very clever people and found, understood how much and when their plants would be delivered with ease!

Other elements that customers would like and we have plans to do include more advice and tips, recommendations and collections, guides, videos, calendars and more. We’re working hard to improve the experience.

What I would suggest is to sign up for a monthly newsletter to get advice and information and also get a 5-year guarantee (as long as you remain signed up) on certain plants (see the full terms and conditions of the guarantee here).

We will be improving the website over the coming months and plan to update the look and feel of it next year, not so much that it will completely change but enough to make it clearer and easier to use.

A big thank you to all who completed the survey. Here are the winners of one each of the £50 Amazon vouchers:

1. Elaine Sheppard
2. Gillian Worsfold
3. Geoff Dixon
4. Sharon Keeley
5. John Lea


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