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Water Water Everywhere, and not a drop....

So the long hot english summer is at an end. Politely waiting for the longest (and most boring?) Wimbledon men's final of recent times before breaking, the weather is now distinctly "showery".

But please do not stop watering. The ground has been baked hard over the last 4-5 weeks and the vast majority of the water that has fallen over the last 24 hours will have run to waste. This is in part because it simply runs off the surface to the nearest drain, partly because hedge plant, fruit tree and other roots tend to be several inches down in the soil and the water needs to wet the soil above before it can reach them and partly because plants are clever things and sort of slow their metabolisms down when it is dry so they use less water. Part of this process involves changing their root structures, so you will find that plants take a little time ( a week or two) after a very hot spell to start taking up moisture easily.

In the meantime, they will need spoon (i.e. hose) feeding. Especially in need of a good drink are relatively newly planted bareroot fruit trees - apples, pears and soft fruit especially - make sure they get a steady supply of water to keep their fruit swelling without splitting.

Relax and watch your garden grow!

One thought on “Water Water Everywhere, and not a drop....”

  • Fruit Trees

    OK - I surrender. By now (30th July) you can allow any thoughts of watering to evaporate. If the weather keeps on like this (and the long range forecast is grim, we might have to put up a post about emergency drainage. Seriously however, one of the consequences of all this rain is that a lot of your fruit may split as it suddenly swells. Not a lot you can do about this except to keep on mulching your fruit trees and soft fruit in winter/spring so you improve the structure of the soil...

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