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Ways to save water - Part 2 (with thanks to Ian Dury)

Continuing the theme....

1. Don't cut your grass so short. If you let your lawn stay a bit longer - raise your lawnmower's cutting height - your grass will be less thirsty. The same applies to hedging - the more you cut the more it grows and the more water it needs.

2. Aerate the lawn so water reached the roots of your grass more easily. Scarifying in autumn is also beneficial.

3. Make sure that any new plants you bring into your garden are happy in drier conditions.

4. If you water too much, you will see plants flagging as their roots drown. So do make sure that you do not overwater. You can tell is the ground is dry or not by scratching into the soil about 2-3cms with a finger. If it is damp to the touch, there is plenty of water there already.

5. An easy way of telling if pot plants and hanging baskets need watering is to lift them up (not the big ones obviously). Dry compost weighs very little while wet compost is..... heavy.

Watch your plants grow and enjoy!

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