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What are you doing for National Tree Week 2012?

Way back in 1975, National Tree Week was launched to raise awareness of the huge role that trees play in all of our lives.

It is also scheduled to coincide with the start of the winter tree planting season, when there are plenty of opportunities nationwide for individuals and communities to get involved.

One of the key aims of National Tree Week is to get people working together to improve their local environment. Councils, volunteer groups, schools, and around 8,000 Tree Wardens (amongst others!) are working hard to set up events around the country.

So, why not let National Tree Week encourage you to embrace this uniquely British weather, grab a spade, put on some wellies, get muddy, and start planting trees!

This year, the Tree Council would love to see one million new trees planted – how can you do your bit?

Take part in a National Tree Week event

The Tree Council events mapThere are events taking place right across the country – you can find out what's happening near you on the Tree Council’s online events map.


Organise your own National Tree Week event

National Tree Week posterIf you're interested in organising your own tree-planting event, the Tree Council website has loads of advice and inspiration, including a National Tree Week poster (PDF format) that you can print out and use.

If you do manage to get your own event together, please remember to register your event with the Tree Council, so that other people can find out about it and help out. And do feel free to let us know what you're up to too! Just comment away below...

And happy planting!

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