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What is the World Coming To?

Faithful followers will have read more than one post on this blog about the various merits of hedging and ornamental trees.  A couple have been their ability to contribute to the security and privacy of your home.

Well, the ability of the criminal classes to plumb ever lower depths is undiminished.  There was a report last week that police have warned garden owners living in Watford, Hertfordshire, to be on the look out for a man in early middle age who is posing as a fake gardening contractor and tree surgeon and who is trying to trick them in to allowing him access to their homes.  If he can, he gets inside and nicks stuff (including their gardening tools).  Downside of hedge plants clearly is that he will steal your clippers....

But what is the problem with standard trees that need a bit of surgery I hear you ask.  Well, wait for it.  He goes up the tree and then takes pictures of you and (presumably) your "friends" and neighbours.  Heaven knows where they end up, but so much for privacy...

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