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Ashridge Nurseries recently asked our customers a number of questions, one of which was:

“What are the top three reasons for shopping with Ashridge Nurseries?”

The voting has taken place over the past two weeks and over 1000 customers have made their valuable opinions known.

The top reason why customers buy from us is:


Here are the full results for that question:

The other reasons for shopping with us included the breadth and range of the products that we offer, with good advice (online and on the phone) and great value for money.

We also asked our customers:

What matters most to you from an online plant nursery?

The answer was again a resounding endorsement of the ‘quality and condition of plants’ that we delivered direct to your door. In fact, quality received twice as many comments as all of the other reasons put together.

It’s always gratifying to hear positive comments from customers, and we really do value your opinions - making sure that we buy from reliable and trusted suppliers and then expertly package them for direct delivery all over the UK.

Value for money is still an important factor, but our discerning gardeners believe that quality is what makes their gardens bloom.

In terms of customer satisfaction:

If you have had to contact us, were we able to deal with it to your satisfaction?

95% of our respondents were satisfied customers

If you have asked us a gardening question, were we able to give you suitable advice?

91% of respondents were satisfied with our advice

We will be announcing the winners of 5 x £50 Amazon vouchers in the next week, as a thank you for people spending the time to tell us what they think of us. More facts and figures to follow...


Now is the time of year where my wife and I start planning for the planting season ahead, especially where there are some gaps. We need some hedging plants and the bird-friendly hedge mix is top of the agenda, so that we can bareroot plant in November.

STOP PRESS: Last but not least, Ashridge Nurseries has managed to get some lavender 1 and 3 litre pots (new recycled pots) that are in bud now and will flower in the next few weeks. Order your ‘garden-ready’ Hidcote, Munstead, Rosea and Alba lavender now to fill those gaps and keep the bees happy.

Enjoy August in your garden.


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