When do you want your tulips?

Different types of tulips flower at different times; the really tough tulips like the dwarf Kaufmanniana and Greigii, see pink Heart's Delight and red and white striped Pinocchio, will break through the frosts of March to reveal charming open flowers. Most of the standard Dutch style tulips bloom in April like those described as Single Early. Pure white Diana with her Purple Prince come under this category and have shorter stems to withstand the worse weather in early April. About two weeks later or mid April, the Early Double tulips, with blowsy heavy heads and rich colours like Peach Blossom or precious Blue Diamond, will all be at their best. Their flowers last for a long time. The Triumph or mid season tulips come towards the end of April and are a cross between Single Early and Darwin tulips boasting wonderful colours and are good for forcing. Taller Darwin tulips include the gorgeous Pink Impression which arrives in early May and by mid-May you see the extraordinary Parrot tulips varieties, the Viridflora Spring Green which naturalises well, and at a similar time the Lily and Fringed varieties. With a season from March to May, to combine tulips you need to bear their flowering time in mind.

Spring Green bulbs Spring Green
Pinocchio Rockery Tulips Pinocchio Rockery Tulips
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