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Where can you plant your tulip bulbs?

Everyone is familiar with tulips in pots, and many of the bulbs we sell are well suited for the purpose, but a prevailing wind will swiftly flatten any top-heavy parrot tulips, even with support, while low growing flowers will be lost to view in a pot at the end of a walkway. Dwarf tulips like Little Red Riding Hood work well in pots close to the house, in a rockery or at the front of any border. The Single Early types tend to only grow up to 40 cm tall with sturdy stems so they are fairly weather proof and visible from afar, especially if you grow them close together for moral support. Tulips in a border look like jewels and you don't need many to make an enormous impression; use Lily shapes, like Ballerina and the fringed Crystal Star or any of the opalescent Darwin varieties to glow in a border. Our Naturalising Collection is brilliant in lawns, verges or surrounding fruit trees in an orchard.

Crystal Star Crystal Star
Red Riding Hood Red Riding Hood

2 thoughts on “Where can you plant your tulip bulbs?”

  • lewis jordan

    I need some tulip bulbs to go In a large pot about 12 bulbs red riding hood &crystal star can you give me a price for the above bulbs

    • Jack Glozier

      Hi Lewis, the smallest pack of bulbs we sell is 25. A 25 pack of red riding hood is £5.95 and crystal star is £9.95.

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