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Why choose a Boysenberry Bush?

There is an increasing variety of hybrid berries on the market, which has led to a bit of confusion between Tayberries, Loganberries and Boysenberries to mention three.

If you were choosing just variety, then we think Boysenberry plants have some real advantages over the rest. But first to parentage, as a Boysenberry is a complex soul, and you sort of need to hang on to your hat for this one.

Like all the hybrid berries, Boysenberries are made from crosses between Rubus species of which the best know are raspberries and blackberries. Our friend is made from a cross between a Loganberry (a cross between a Raspberry and a Dewberry) and a Raspberry (again) and then a Dewberry (also again).

Its advantages are that:

  • Boysenberry plants are not the most rampant of the rambling fruit bearers and so are relatively easy to keep in bounds
  • its fruit (which is large) is just delicious
  • it can put up with appalling abuse - in particular it survives dry spells better than any of the other rambling berries.
  • it has a long fruiting season, and it crops heavily

All of which make it just about perfect for us and every other lover of soft fruit who can't stand out watering all day long.

Watch your plants grow and enjoy!

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