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Goat's cheese, pear, walnut and lavender honey salad

Goat's cheese, pear, walnut and lavender honey salad

Honey where the bees have mainly collected pollen from lavender plants has such a beautiful flavour that we didn't want to spoil it by mixing it with anything. Instead it is drizzled on top of its perfect partner – goat’s cheese, to make a simple, but delicious salad. The perfect way to ease yourself into eating lighter foods as the temperature warms this spring.


1 Conference pear
Lollo rosso lettuce (or other salad leaves)
60g soft goat's cheese
40g walnuts
Lavender honey to drizzle

Serves 2


Halve, core and slice the pears into long pieces.
Wash the lettuce and arrange on a plate.
Break the walnuts into bite-sized pieces and sprinkle those on top of the lettuce.
Break small pieces off the goat’s cheese and intersperse with the pear among the leaves and walnuts.
Drizzle liberally with lavender honey.

Enjoy straight away, maybe with a glass of crisp white wine…


A slightly smaller portion would make a great dinner party starter.

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