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  • But there is no soil around the roots!  Bareroot trees and plants are sometimes not that well understood. All bareroot means is that there is no soil around the roots of a plant when it is delivered. We are all familiar with some examples of bare root plants. For example almost all flower b...
  • APRIL IN YOUR GARDEN  Hedging  Our cold store is now crammed with bareroot hedging for planting over the next four weeks. As long as you can water them, any hedge plants will do well planted now and this is now probably the best time of all to plant beech hedging. However...
  • FEBRUARY IN YOUR GARDEN  Hedging This is a tip that will be repeated several times here and next month. The best months for planting most bareroot hedging, if you did not get it in in November, are February and March. Spring kicks the plants into growth and they do not spend too lo...
  • NOVEMBER IN YOUR GARDEN  Hedging It will come as some relief to know that from now until spring you can leave your evergreen hedges well alone (apart from box and that is for December). But if you have just planted an evergreen hedge do make sure that it is protected from the elements. A...

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